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About 1of1

The fashion industry being one of the most problematic in labor rights and environmental abuses is old news. We all know it. 

Instead of trying to make it work in a broken system, we want to take a radically different approach. The current cultural and economical context in which we consume fashion is deeply flawed, inefficient, wasteful, and only an afterthought.  


In its essence, 1of1 is about anti-consumerism.  Every and every piece you will find here is 1of1, one of a kind, made to order, and upcycled artwork. 

Our hand-picked designers have at their top priority to make fashion artistically and sustainably, in true craftsmanship style. 

Going one step further, we are offering and contuonsly devoloping ways in which customers and designers can co-create pieces together, inventing custom-made pieces created with specific intent, directed to a specific person in a specific manner. 

This is just the beginning. We appreciate everybody who wants to support the movement and evolve together with us. 

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