Sanderson Silvi Clouds Wallpaper, 216602

BLAKK SH33P was born from conversations that Markas and Connor had while smoking, about how bad climate change is, about how most fashion is fast fashion nowadays and about how there are very few clothing options available that allow you to truly express yourself.


They created BLAKK SH33P. A one of one brand with a sustainable approach, focus on details and focus on allowing people to be bold, be themselves and stand out.

BLAKK SH33P  is for people who care about social issues, the preservation of earth and don't give a fuck about what other people think.



We want you to use BLAKK SH33P to embrace your inner black sheep and stand out as a rule.


Markas and Connor source all of their materials from thrift stores and marketplaces. What they use for materials has been pre-loved. Their favorite place to source during the pandemic has been Depop. On Depop they can find almost exactly what fabric, image, and material they’re looking for for the design.


 Markas and Connor pride themselves on pushing personal and design boundaries and they want to help YOU push the boundaries.  Some techniques that they use are:
Painting directly on the design, Spray painting the design, Distressing, Collage work, Weaving yarn, Adding straps/vinyl,
Adding metal fixtures



Ribbon Outline