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You have been invited to join 1of1!

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If you are seeing this page, this means we fully believe in your art and want to work with you! 

Welcome to our community-focused platform tailored for selling and promoting 1of1s.

The vision for 1of1 is to build a powerful online and real life platform, where independent designers are enabled and empowered to practice their craft without confining themselves.

We strive to build a better future for all.


 Make use of our massive promotional network !


: 130.000 followers across pages with 8-10 million engaged users each month!


one million impressions on our board each month!

Email marketing:

20.000 email subscribers receiving customized campaigns for your drops!

 Sell through us and our partners!

The online shop: Sell your products internationally through our shop seen by hundreds of thousands and get noticed by stylists that follow us. Upload your products with ease anytime with no limits. You can discount your products, print shipping labels and decide different shipping rates for different regions at any time as well.

Auctions: We will hold online auctions once a week on our main Instagram page. Schedule a slot and see how high can the price for your 1of1s go.

Piece Unik Events


ShowsAuction x Runway events for 1of1 pieces in Los Angeles.

Visit yourself or submit your pieces to be auctioned off live in LA at the most elite underground fashion show. Be among the line-up of the best independent designers around the world.

Pop-ups: Get your stand and sell your 1of1s in person in upcoming pop-up shops organized in LA, Berlin and Paris.

We are also more than happy to promote and cover your own events live!

Connect with the industry!

Manufacturing; want to make a limited run of your collection? work with any of our trusted and tested manufactures in the US, Colombia, Bulgaria, India or Germany.

3D designers; Digitize your pieces or graphics with our experienced 3d artists.

Boutiques; Put your work on the map and showcase your wearable art in showrooms across EU and NA!

Tap to play

Join the community !

 Join the the leading community of the underground fashion and connect with future leaders of industry. Grow your brand and your artistry, find your super fans, collab with designers from your area and around the world... be 1of1.

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Join 1of1


What do you get!

Permanent feed post on main page each month

Free feed posts for any exclusive pieces

2 feed posts on shop page per month

Unlimited stories for all your drops

Pinterest posts for all your drops

Email campaigns for all your drops

Fast access and good deals with all of our partners!

What do we get:

Only 10% commission on each online sale!

+ Paypal/Bank or conversion fees

Conditions vary for working with our partners, learn more by joining.

How does it work?

Confirm to us on email or IG your application.

Set up your store front (your brand profile on the website)

Upload your products.

Pick a date of the drop and promote it.

Congratulations! You are selling through 1of1!

After you make sale, we will forward you the money through Paypal or wire transfer in a day.

You will also get the shipping information immediately.

Sounds good? Glad to hear that!

Feel free to make your profile now.

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