On-Demand Design and Manufacturing

How has the fashion industry been changing? On the surface, we have seen a lot of trends change in 2020. Such as neutral colours, minimalism and much more. Behind the scenes too, the need for change is coming into effect faster.

It is the need for sustainability that has been realized now more than ever. And that is how on-demand design and manufacturing has been making the rounds. Let’s see what it is.

What is On-Demand Design and Manufacturing?

It is a fairly new 1of1 kind of production model followed by the fashion industry. It has been constructed keeping the goal of sustainability in mind. Also known by the made-to-order or 1of1, it deals with the customization of the product mainly.

Since the product is customized, it has to be paid for in advance. And paying in advance also means a sense of trust should be built from the manufacturer’s end. Of course, this would require a change in the way the industry works.

It also helps with sustainability and reducing unnecessary production. This can help save costs and is also useful for the environment. We can also think of this system as 1of1 designing and manufacturing.

Moreover, customers also get to save their time as they don’t have to wait in long lines. Let’s go through all these points in detail!

Seasonal Production is Cut Down

Thanks to 1of1 demand and customization, mass production is cut down to a very big extent. Rather than preparing the next stock of clothes as a bulk seasonal collection, brands shift their focus.

Instead of producing in large scale, brands cater to the customer needs directly. With the help of 1of1 on-demand design and manufacturing, a lot of costs can be cut down.

These costs include everything from manufacturing to operations and more. It can also save from the production of unnecessary clothes. Although brands put in everything to bring out the best seasonal collection, not all of them are bought. Some articles sell out super-fast, while others don’t.

Some articles don’t sell at all. Due to these items, brands suffer unnecessary costs. Moreover, these clothing articles can also become heaps of waste. This is true especially for brands that don’t have recycling equipment and strategies.

On-Demand is Better for the Environment

How does 1of1 on-demand design and manufacturing help the environment? When too many products are produced, the excess material is disposed of in landfills. There, it keeps gathering up, harming the environment in many ways. These landfills are home to toxic chemicals and all kind of garbage gathering up.

They are toxic for the earth; all living beings and even us. Doesn’t matter if we are living near or far. These toxic chemicals can enter the air and ultimately reach us.

When there will be a balance of supply and demand, there will be less waste! Ultimately leading to a happier and healthier planet too.

How On-Demand is Changing the Way Designers Work

Due to seasonal production being cut down, this also affects the way designers work. Designers have to deal with less pressure due to deadlines. Work for the Spring/Summer collection being’s way ahead of time in Winter/Fall. And it can be held vice versa as well.

However, 1of1 on-demand clothing doesn’t work that way. As customers and orders come in, work is produced according to the brief. They will also produce work of better quality. This means more focus will be on the specific product. In contrast to producing a whole clothing line to fit the seasonal appeal, individual focus is better.

In the traditional industry, if there is a design that someone likes, they buy it. Suppose they don’t like a certain element of that design. What if it’s a graphic digital print? A tailor cannot pull out a graphic. This is where 1of1 on-demand design comes into action.

Customers Can Opt ou for Large-Scale Production

Although the on-demand design and manufacturing system is 1of1, it doesn’t mean that large production is impossible. For a very large order, customers can book on a per-product basis. So there are a lot of flexible options to provide to the customer. It all depends upon a fashion brand’s business model.

Overall, on-demand design and manufacturing will also give brands the option to up their game. We have become prone to customization via the Internet. Hence, personalization is becoming a key factor in every industry, thanks to technological advancement.

Custom-made designs are a dream come true for artists and fashion enthusiasts alike! People are expecting more personalization via on-demand designing in the fashion industry. And it’s no doubt that this is going to be the next big thing.

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