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about us

1of1 is a community-centric platform that has been spearheading 1of1 scene and movement since 2019. 

1of1 movement stands for network of independent designers who create 1of1 pieces, clothing that is never to be recreated and its 100% unique, sustainable and independent

1of1 is anti-consumerist niche of fashion that prioritises quality, artistry and sustainability. 

we believe in unbreakable connections between people and their garments, as well as between customers and designers.

our work revolves around strengthening these connections.

point of 1of1 is to make every single piece of clothing something special, emotional and long lasting.

less is more


Previous auctions; 

rarest and most valuable custom AF1s in history, made by late Kim Jung Gi.
auctioned off with 
Piece Unik for 3900$

Official collaborations;