Hi! Nice to meet you, I am Vincent.

I’ve chosen to upcycle clothes as a way to express my vision and try to re-educate or show another way of what can be considered as “cool”.


I create unique pieces made from outsourced used materials to give them a second live in a sustainable way.


I stitch my creations with my own hands only using a needle and a thread to give them more value as-well as uniqueness and individuality. 


This takes enormous amounts of time to complete but this also gives a crazy valuation to it because of how hard it is to create them.

Through this vision, fabrics that were ready to be borrowed at a landfill now become valuable 1 of 1 pieces.


I hope to build some appreciation for this kind of craft and open you up for valuing or reusing old things or even inspire you to create something yourself.


I believe that little by little we can change our approach on what’s hot and shift to more unique and sustainable choices of creating valuable design items.